You Don't Need a PRS, PPL Licence or TheMusicLicence​

How You can Save £248 Every Year on a PPL Licence

Playing music at a business is challenging in the UK. The PRS and PPL licences have merged into TheMusicLicence, but the fees haven’t changed.

If you don’t want to sit in silence, you’ve normally got to decide between paying over £300 a year for a music licence or purchasing expensive royalty-free music that comes in small quantities for high prices.

Playing the radio, you also run the risk of the station running an advert for your competitor.

PRS Free Music, Streamed to Your Business

All you need is an Internet connected device (PC, Laptop, Phone) connected to your in-shop sound system. You’ll gain instant access to our private-access internet radio stations which stream royalty free music 24/7. We supply all the music, so you’re only paying £10 a month for access to the stations.

Log in when you open up, and we’ll keep the music flowing until closing time. You get access to three different radio stations – each with their own genres. Take a listen to the preview streams below.

Our music comes from up-and-coming artists and we add new songs on a weekly basis. This means you’re not confined to the traditional ‘cheesy’ sounds of royalty-free music and are getting access to new and exciting songs – which can be a breath of fresh air compared to some radio stations.

Unlimited Access for Just £10 a Month.

  • £248 Cheaper than a PPL Licence
  • New Songs Every Week
  • Completely Unbranded with no Adverts

Not sure? Try it free today. You don’t need your credit card or any payment details for the trial. If you don’t like it, you won’t spend a penny. 

If you’ve got any questions then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.