No PPL or PRS Licence Fees to Pay

Royalty FreeIn Store MusicFor Just £3.99 a Month

£366.31 Cheaper than a PRS/PPL Licence*

How it Works

You get access to four different radio stations – all password-protected and guaranteed to be royalty-free. We regularly run each and every song we play through PPL’s database to ensure your protection as a business owner. You will also be able to download a personalised certificate which states any music you’re playing through our service is not liable for royalty fees.

You can switch between stations as often as you want, and will find each one brings a different atmosphere to your business. Our music is sourced from up-and-coming artists who are looking for more exposure, so you’ll be helping them find an audience and saving money at the same time.

A Quick Preview

These tracks are hand-picked songs from each radio station. When you sign up to the free trial you’ll be able to enjoy a continuous stream of music with no voiceover or interruptions. Take a listen to get an idea of the quality you can expect from Music 4 Retail.

No credit card required. Cancel any time. 

Why Choose Us?

Unique Music

We get most of our music from up-and-coming producers, which means you won't find it elsewhere.

Constant Streaming

You don't need to change CDs or select a new playlist. The stream will keep bringing fresh music to your business, 24/7.

Zero Branding

Unlike some providers, we don't put any messages over the music. Your customers will have no idea you're using our service.

"We haven't missed the FM radio at all"

See what our customers have to say:

"My staff were getting fed up with our royalty free CDs so we began looking for alternatives. We've been pleasantly surprised by music for retail and haven't looked back since."
Simon Manby
Franchise Operator
"Really happy with the service so far! Nathan helped me out with a few technical difficulties I was having and even sorted me out with a month free for the trouble. Highly recommended."
Abhijeet Singh
Shop Owner
"We're really impressed with the quality of the music that we've heard. We thought a royalty-free radio station was going to sound cheesy, but we haven't missed the FM radio at all."
Karen Charlesworth
Café Owner

Start Your Free Trial Now

Your free trial will last for 14 days and will automatically cancel; we don’t take any payment information unless you decide it’s the right service for you.

Payments will be £3.99 a month if you opt into the full service.

*Price based on the combined PPL and PRS For Music licence cost of £414.19 (including VAT) in a shop under 100 square meters in size, using an in-store sound system. Correct as of 05/05/2022.

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