PPL Free Music For Businesses

Royalty Free In Store Radio Stations For Just £3.99 a Month

£332 Cheaper than a PRS/PPL Licence*

Instant Access to PPL Free Music

When you sign up to Music 4 Retail, you don’t need to download any files or order any CDs – you simply log in, select the radio station you want and press play. It’s quick and easy, which means you can get back to running your business without having to worry about playlists.

To ensure you’re really getting PPL free music, we regularly test every song we play against PPL’s database. This means you’re safe to play our music without having to worry about a PPL or PRS licence. Our artists don’t belong to any collecting societies, and they’re happy for their music to be played in UK shops.

Quality Music

When people think of PPL free music, they’re often reminded of lift music with a signature cheesy sound. We provide your business with high-quality music that you wouldn’t have otherwise heard on the radio. Take a listen to the four sample songs (one from each of our radio stations) below. When you sign up, you’ll have four continuous streams of music with no voiceovers or interruptions.

No credit card required. Cancel any time. 

Why Choose Us?

Unique Music

You won't find our music on the FM radio, a great deal of it comes from up-and-coming artists who are looking for exposure in UK businesses.

Personalised Certificate

You'll be able to print out a certificate which states your business is playing PPL free music through our service.

Zero Branding

No adverts, voiceovers or interruptions. Your customers won't know you're using Music 4 Retail.

"We haven't missed the FM radio at all"

see what our customers have to say 

"My staff were getting fed up with our royalty free CDs so we began looking for alternatives. We've been pleasantly surprised by music for retail and haven't looked back since."
Simon Manby
Franchise Operator
"Really happy with the service so far! Nathan helped me out with a few techincal difficulties I was having and even sorted me out with a month free for the trouble. Highly recommended."
Abhijeet Singh
Shop Owner
"We're really impressed with the quality of some of the music that we've had played. We thought a royalty-free radio station was going to sound cheesy, but we haven't missed the FM radio at all."
Karen Charlesworth
Café Owner

Start Your Free Trial Now

Your free trial will last for 14 days and will automatically cancel; we don’t take any payment information unless you decide it’s the right service for you.

Payments will be £3.99 a month if you opt into the full service.

*Price based on the combined PPL and PRS For Music licence cost of £380 (including VAT) in a shop under 100 square meters in size.

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