Royalty Free Background Music – The Benefits

You’re probably familiar with traditional mall music – it goes by a few different names: elevator music, piped music, the list goes on. While this older royalty free background music can come across as cheesey to modern day ears, it’s actually based on years of research. Thankfully, this research applies to modern day music too.

Picture of a shopping centre, a place where royalty free background music is traditionally heard playing over the speakers.
Shopping centres are the tradional place to find royalty-free background music

One such study on background music’s effects on purchasing, has raised some intriguing topics. So, we’ve hand-picked the 3 most interesting findings from the study. Enjoy!


A study was done which compared playing chart hits vs unfamiliar music in a shop. Which one do you think led to more spending? If you said “unfamiliar music” you’d be absolutely right!

In fact, playing unfamiliar music caused an 8% increase in time spent at the shop. Because more time spent browsing equals more sales, it makes good sense to play new and exciting music. The theory is that unfamiliar music makes time appear to pass more quickly.

One of the key reasons our royalty free background music service is so popular is because we don’t play chart hits. While the main benefit is saving money on music licence fees, it also means your customers are getting that unfamiliar music that leads to more spending.

The Speed of Your Background Music

A 1982 study revealed that the speed of which you play your in store background music can make a world of difference. Slower music was found to increase time spent browsing and faster music was found to have the opposite effect.

That means slower music is always better, right? Well, not always. Slower music is perfect for getting people to order more drinks at your bar or spend more time browsing your gift shop.

But, if what if you have a business with a high customer turnover? Let’s say a kebab shop for example’s sake. If you’re struggling to get people to leave and make room for more customers on a saturday night, then ramping up the music might be just what you need.

Which Music Genre?

It’s no secret that the genre of your background music can have an effect on the mood of your business. However, what you might not have realised is certain genres of music help sell certain varieties of product.

In a study, it was found that a florist sold more flowers by playing music seen as “romantic”. It’s also been seen that uptempo pop music is a great way to sell to teenage audiences.

The lesson from all of this? Our jazz radio station might be perfect for florist and coffee shop, but if you’re trying to sell to a young audience, it might be time to switch to our dance station.

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